Our plots vary from park to park, however there a certain standards and materials we always use to construct the plots ready for delivery of a park home. The first and most important thing is the concrete base ready to site the park home, the concrete bases are regulated by British standard requirements meaning they have to be constructed using a certain strength of concrete and a certain thickness.

We allow pets on all of our parks although the park rules always use the words ‘at the park owners discretion’ I have been asked regularly how we decide if and what pets should be allowed to live on our park home estates. The answer is simple, if you have pets which are well behaved and will not cause any nuisance to neighbours then they are fine.

Every park has a set of park rules, which have to be brought into effect following strict guidelines, with the consent of over 50% of the park home owners if changes are to be made. All park rules have to be checked and filed with the local authority.