One of the most unique and amazing things about the process of choosing your new park home is the sheer amount of choice you have. Most park home manufacturers, including Stately Albion, offer a ‘design your own home’ service where you can literally design your own park home from scratch. We can work on the design of your new park home with you or you can go to the park home manufacturer of your choice where a designer will sit down with you and help to draw and design the park home of your dreams.

Every park home estate really does have its own community and you get a feel and a sense of that as soon as you walk onto a park home estate. It is not at all uncommon to see large groups of neighbours enjoying a barbeque together or sitting round a table enjoying each other’s company.

Tavern Park in Forden, near Welshpool is our newest development at Maguires Developments and is now at the stage where we are regularly siting park homes and adding show homes for sale. Welshpool is a very pretty little town on the England Wales border. .