Besides the development of park home estates a big part of what we do at Maguires Developments is the management of the park home estates. The last thing we want to do is develop a beautiful park home estate, get it to the point where it is full of lovely people, then let somebody come along and manage it poorly ruining the experience for park home occupants and owners.

The maguire family are well known within the park home industry and regarded highly as both park home estate developers and park home estate managers.

We get asked all the time how a park home is transported and put together. A park home can be built in one or two pieces, generally known as a single park home or a double park home. The first and simple one is a single park home, which is simply built in one piece, brought from the manufacturer to the park on an artic lorry adapted specifically to carry park homes yet keep the height below the maximum permitted, generally most single park homes now are built in a 14 foot width, meaning they have to be followed to the park by another vehicle.