When buying a park home it is important to realise that its not just a home you are buying but a lifestyle. Living in a park home on an over 50’s park home estate offers the security and peace of mind that you can never guarantee when buying a bricks and mortar property of knowing exactly the type of person who will be living next door.

One of our most popular park homes is the Stately Chatsworth which comes in several different standard formats ranging from the chatsworth silver through to the chatsworth gold, platinum, crystal and contemporary, all of which come in a range of sizes and layouts. Stately built to an extremely high quality and ez=ach of their chatsworth layouts has been perfected over years with updates to the models and colour schemes coming most years, Stately Albion are the oldest park home manufacturer in Europe and the chatsworth is one of their oldest models.

A fantastic way to learn more if you are just beginning your research into park homes and park home living is to come along to a park home exhibition. There are lots of exhibitions throughout the year with several major ones which are very well known and attended by tens of thousands of people each year.